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Statement of Commissioner Rebecca Dye Hearings on the Petition of the Coalition for Fair Port Practices


My focus in the matter before us today is how ocean carrier and marine terminal demurrage and detention approaches can optimize, not diminish, the performance of the overall American international freight delivery system.

As I said last month in my letter to the Commission transmitting the results of the Supply Chain Innovation Teams Initiative, our international freight delivery system strains against the current demands placed upon it.

Without a strong and dependable international commercial supply chain, the United States may not realize our greatest potential for robust economic growth and international competitiveness.

I believe that the liner shipping industry, its customers, and the American consumer would benefit from addressing customer demurrage and detention issues in ways that maximize accessible and responsive customer service and minimize unintended consequences.

I believe that we can all agree that demurrage and detention processes should support prompt, efficient cargo delivery. Improvements to those processes may require closer cooperation and visibility among ocean carriers, marine terminals, and American shippers.

I look forward to hearing the testimony of the witnesses today and tomorrow on current challenges regarding different carrier and terminal demurrage and detention policies and practices and proposals to effectively address those challenges.