Office of Enforcement - Federal Maritime Commission
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Office of Enforcement

The Office of Enforcement (OE) is the prosecutorial arm of the Commission. Under the direction and management of the Office Director, attorneys participate as trial counsel in formal Commission proceedings, and work closely with the Commission’s Investigators in investigations of potential violations of the Shipping Act and Commission regulations. Attorneys also negotiate settlements and informal compromises of civil penalties and may act as investigative officers in formal fact-finding investigations initiated under the Shipping Act or the Foreign Shipping Practices Act (FSPA).

In addition, the office monitors all other formal proceedings, including relevant court proceedings, in order to identify major regulatory issues, and advises the Commission of evolving competitive practices in international oceanborne commerce. OE attorneys also serve as legal advisors concerning the practical repercussions of Commission regulations and participate in the development of new or revised rules.

Contact Information

Phone: 202-523-5783

Fax:  202-523-5785



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