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Forms and Applications

For Ocean Transportation Intermediaries:

Automated Application for a License as an Ocean Transportation Intermediary (Online FMC-18)

Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Application Worksheet (Paper Worksheet FMC-18)

Foreign Based Unlicensed NVOCC Registration (New application and changes) (FMC-65)

Foreign Based Unlicensed NVOCC Registration (Renewals) (FMC-65 Renewals)

Ocean Transportation Intermediary Bond (FMC-48)

Optional Rider for Additional NVOCC Financial Responsibility (FMC-48A) **

Ocean Transportation Intermediary Group Bond Form (FMC-69)

Optional Rider for Additional NVOCC Financial Responsibility for Group Bonds (FMC-69A) **

**Note: See Guidance for NVOCCs on Revised Optional Bond Riders for updated forms.

Ocean Transportation Intermediary Insurance (FMC-67)

Ocean Transportation Intermediary Guaranty (FMC-68)

For Passenger Vessel Operators:

Application for Certificate of Financial Responsibility (Form FMC-131)

Federal Maritime Commission Passenger Vessel Surety Bond (FMC-132A)and (FMC-132B)

Federal Maritime Commission Guaranty in Respect of Liability for Nonperformance (FMC-133A) and (FMC-133B)

Appendix A to Subpart A of Part 540 — Example of Escrow Agreement

For Filing an Agreement:

Information Form for Agreements (FMC-150) and Data Template (MS Excel)

Instructions  for the Monitoring Report Form

Monitoring Report Form (FMC-151) and Monitoring Report Form in (MS Word)

For Service Contracts:

Service Contract Registration (FMC-83)

For Filing a Tariff

Common Carrier Tariff and MTO Schedule Registration Form (FMC-1)

Filing a Shipping Act Complaint Formats

Format for Filing a Small Claims Complaint

Instructions for Drafting a Shipping Act Complaint

For Non-Attorneys Practicing Before the FMC

Instructions for Applying to Practice Before the Commission for Non-Attorneys

Application for Admission to Practice Before the Federal Maritime Commission (Form FMC-12)

Additional Information:

Circular Letter No. 1-97 requires entities to provide us with your taxpayer identification number (TIN).  This form has been provided for your convenience in doing so.

For Dispute Resolution Services

Dispute Resolution Service Request – Cruise (FMC-32)

Dispute Resolution Service Request – Cargo (FMC-33)