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Resources and Services

Below is a listing of FMC resources available to our stakeholders. The audience webpages provide easy access to FMC services and information for each regulated entity (MTO, OTI, PVO, VOCC), as well as attorneys & litigants, and the public. If you cannot find what you are looking for on these audience webpages, check out the How-to and Services sections list below.



Attorneys & Litigants

Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (OTIs)

Passenger Vessel Operators (PVOs)

Vessel-Operating Common Carriers (VOCCs)

Marine Terminal Operators (MTOs)


How to Become FMC Licensed

How to Apply for PVO Certificate

How to File Carrier / MTO Agreements

How To Publish Tariffs and MTO Schedules

How to File a Shipping Act Complaint

How to Make a FOIA Request

How to File a Petition for Appeal of Staff Action

How to File a Petition for Declaratory Order

How to Request Issuance, Amendment or Repeal of FMC Rules

How to File an Information Guidelines Change Request

How to Request a Review of Classified or Declassified FMC Information

How to Determine Fees for FMC Services

How to File Service Contracts

How to Apply for Practice Before the Commission for Non-Attorneys


Agreement Library

eAgreement Filing System

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Cargo Shipment Assistance

Controlled Carrier List

Cruise Passenger Assistance

Household Goods Shipper Resources

Law & Reference Library

List of FMC Licensed & Bonded OTIs

OTI Bond Program

Regulations and Statutes


Service Contracts Statistics

VOCC and NVOCC Tariff List

Weekly Agreement Notices