Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr. to Serve as Chairman - Federal Maritime Commission
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Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr. to Serve as Chairman

September 14, 2009
NR 09-14

CONTACT: Karen V. Gregory, Secretary (202) 523-5725

The Federal Maritime Commission announces today that President Barack Obama has designated Richard A. Lidinsky Jr., as the Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission.Chairman Lidinsky joined the Commission on July 31, 2009, having been nominated by President Obama on June 18, 2009, and confirmed by the Senate, thereafter, to a term with the Commission expiring June 30, 2012.

Chairman Lidinsky brings to the Commission 37-years of extensive experience in the maritime trade industry and government operations. After serving as a Congressional aide on the U.S. House of Representatives Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, he began his professional legal career in the FMC’s Office of General Counsel as Legislative Counsel from 1973-75. In 1975 the Maryland Port Administration appointed him to be counsel and Director of Tariffs and National Port Affairs. Mr. Lidinsky has held positions on both the business and the government side of the maritime industry, including most recently working as an attorney and international trade consultant in private practice, before returning to the FMC as a Commissioner.

In accepting his new title, Mr. Lidinsky stated, “I want to thank President Obama for designating me Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission. As I said in my recent confirmation hearings, this Agency has a key role in assisting the economic recovery of our entire ocean waterborne commerce transportation industry. The Commission is, and must remain at all times, alert to foreign activities that are harmful to our carriers and trade routes with a focus on protecting our country’s shipping community, and above all the American consumer. As we face the challenges of returning jobs to our waterfronts, working with all sectors of our maritime family to help green our ports, and adapt the latest technologies to aide in our mission, the experienced and dedicated employees of the FMC will be there to lend our support and expertise. I am greatly honored to be their Chairman.”

Chairman Lidinsky also extends his sincere thanks to Commissioner Brennan for his exceptional service to the agency as both a Commissioner and as Acting Chairman, as well as to Commissioner Dye for her service and hospitable assistance upon his return to the Commission.

Commissioner Joseph Brennan stated, “Richard Lidinsky is as well-prepared as any commissioner has been upon taking office. I think he will do an excellent job as chair of the FMC.”

Commissioner Rebecca Dye stated, “I am delighted that President Obama has designated Commissioner Lidinsky to be the Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission. I look forward to working with him to carry out the Commission’s responsibilities in a manner that promotes our economy and increases American jobs.”

Press Contact: Karen V. Gregory (202) 523-5725;