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FMC Establishes Regulatory Reform Webpage


The Federal Maritime Commission today unveiled a webpage dedicated to reporting on the agency’s regulatory reform initiative. Building upon recent Executive Orders issued by the President, the Commission’s regulatory reform initiative is a voluntary effort to evaluate the agency’s existing regulations and programs, and make recommendations regarding their repeal, replacement or modification. The Commission recently sought input from the public on this reform effort through a Notice of Inquiry, and is working to move the Commission’s regulatory reform initiative forward expeditiously. Karen V. Gregory, the Commission’s Regulatory Reform Officer, notes that “this webpage will further the Commission’s effort to keep the public informed and engaged in the regulatory reform process.”

Acting Chairman Khouri, in considering the efforts of the Commission’s Regulatory Review Task Force thus far, states “I am pleased with the level of interest from stakeholders in this effort and thank each stakeholder for participating. I resolve that the Commission will act quickly to identify areas where we can deliver relief from outdated, unnecessary, unreasonably burdensome, or ineffective regulations.”

The new landing page contains a comprehensive collection of links to all materials related to this undertaking including a brief chronology of the Commission’s Regulatory Reform Task Force to date, a report provided by the Regulatory Reform Officer to the Commission earlier this year, and comments received from the public outlining their regulatory reform priorities.

The FMC Regulatory Reform Initiative webpage will be updated as developments warrant.