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Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr. Resigns

March 30, 2013
NR 13-04

President Obama will name Mario Cordero to be the next Federal Maritime Commission Chairman.

Contact: Karen V. Gregory, Secretary (202-523-5725)

Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr. has submitted his resignation as Chairman to President Barack Obama.

“It has been a great honor to serve as Chairman for the President’s first term and I am proud of the changes we have brought to our agency so it can better serve the American exporter, importer and consumer.”

The FMC is an independent regulatory agency created in 1961 to oversee the foreign waterborne commerce of the United States. Over 95% of American foreign trade exits or enters the country on vessels that are virtually all foreign owned or flying a foreign flag.

Since becoming Chairman in September 2009, Chairman Lidinsky has had three major administration goals for the 128 person agency, which has its headquarters in Washington, DC and at major seaports around the country. The first goal was to “refocus” the Commission on giving a voice to American citizens, taxpayers and job creators during its deliberations; second was to eliminate unnecessary rules and red tape regulations that were particularly harmful to small businesses; third was to promote “greening” in American ports to help both the environment and employment.

“I am very pleased that the President will designate my colleague, Commissioner Mario Cordero of Long Beach, California, who joined the FMC in June 2011, as our next Chairman,” Lidinsky said, “and I look forward as a Commissioner to continue working with him on these goals and new challenges during the President’s second term.”

The change of leadership for the Commission takes place on Monday, April 1, 2013.

The Federal Maritime Commission is the federal agency responsible for regulating the nation’s international ocean transportation for the benefit of exporters, importers, and the American consumer. The FMC’s mission is to foster a fair, efficient, and reliable international ocean transportation system while protecting the public from unfair and deceptive practices.