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Fact Finding 29 Supply Chain Innovation Teams to Begin Work


Supply Chain Innovation Teams convened by Commissioner Rebecca Dye as part of Fact Finding 29  (International Ocean Transportation Supply Chain Engagement) will begin work this week to identify what actions can provide immediate relief to the most pressing challenges the American freight delivery system faces from COVID-19 related disruptions.

Commissioner Dye will pose three questions to each Team member:

  1. What can the Federal Maritime Commission do to provide relief or assistance to mitigate negative impacts on the supply chain related to COVID-19.
  2. What can companies involved in ocean cargo delivery do to respond to existing supply chain challenges and bottlenecks.
  3. What can supply chain actors do to strengthen the overall performance of the American freight delivery system.

Responses to these questions will dictate the scope and priorities of the Teams’ work.

“The individuals serving on these Teams are committed to minimizing disruptions to the Nation’s cargo delivery system and will be prepared to offer practical solutions about what must be done to promote the competitive advantage of our supply chain networks,” stated Commissioner Dye

Each team will consist of no more than five members and will meet remotely.

“There was a very strong, positive response to the announcement of the Teams with many inquiries about how to participate.  Those volunteering for this effort are industry leaders and their contributions will be valued and appreciated.  While we are not able to accommodate every request to serve on a Team, we know there is a deep pool of knowledge and experience that exists among others who work in the freight delivery industry.  We encourage these experts to also contribute by submitting comments and proposals.”

Members of the public not participating on a team, but who wish to provide advice are encouraged to do so by writing to FF29@FMC.gov.