Cordero Urges Industry Collaboration to Overcome Hanjin Challenges - Federal Maritime Commission
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Cordero Urges Industry Collaboration to Overcome Hanjin Challenges

September 29, 2016

Washington, September 29, 2016—Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Mario Cordero today urged parties across the intermodal supply chain to find ways to cooperate and collaborate to solve operational and equipment issues that have been created as the result of Hanjin Shipping’s insolvency.

While confident that the impact from Hanjin Shipping’s bankruptcy will not be disruptive to the supply chain over the long term, Cordero acknowledged there are immediate issues that need to be addressed, particularly those related to empty containers and the availability of chassis.

“The men and women who work in the shipping business are individuals who are pragmatic, creative, and problem solvers. I know that business and port leaders are already working to find a place to put empty Hanjin containers which will in turn free chassis to return to service,” observed Cordero. “In the interim, the question that begs to be answered is what steps others can take that will assure our maritime gateways remain capable of handling international commerce without interruption.”

Cordero would like all those interested in maintaining productivity at the nation’s seaports, especially those gateways most impacted by the Hanjin bankruptcy, to consider what business and operational steps can be taken to alleviate any potential challenge to port productivity levels.

“I have to believe there are some pragmatic steps people can take that when combined, will make a meaningful contribution to mitigating any potential consequences to port efficiency as a result of Hanjin’s insolvency,” said Cordero.