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Cordero Says Facilitating Exports a Key Goal of FMC

June 22, 2016

Washington, June 22, 2016—Achieving congestion mitigation at American ports and reducing obstacles to the efficient flow of export shipments are two important goals that the Federal Maritime Commission continually works to achieve Chairman Mario Cordero today told a gathering of agricultural shippers.

Cordero made his remarks to the Agriculture Transportation Coalition, which held its annual meeting in Long Beach last week.

“The efficient, reliable, and smooth flow of American goods being sold to overseas markets is not a transportation issue, it is an economic competitiveness issue,” Cordero said. “The Commission must be on guard against any obstacle to moving exports successfully, whether the impediment is a physical restriction or policies and procedures that add unnecessary compliance burdens to the American shipper.”

Addressing port congestion and supply chain inefficiencies have been priorities of the Commission for the past several years. Earlier this year, the Commission launched the Supply Chain Innovation Initiative which is working to develop process innovations that will improve the reliability, resilience, and competitiveness of America’s global supply chain. This initiative is being led by Commissioner Rebecca Dye. More recently, Cordero has urged ocean carriers to embrace the simple and easily achievable option of accepting the container weight determined by Marine Terminal Operators for the purposes of stowage planning to satisfy new Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Verified Gross Mass (VGM) compliance requirements.

“The United States produces an abundance of high quality goods and commodities that are desired by companies and consumers around the world. It should be a common goal of both public and private entities that American exporters find a clear path to overseas markets and not a road riddled with hurdles. A goal that is consistent with the President’s National Export Initiative,” commented Cordero. “Barriers to competition and efficiency will be challenged by the Commission.”

Cordero participates in panel discussion during Agriculture Transportation Coalition’s Annual Meeting