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Cordero Honored by NY & NJ Port Truckers Organization

August 2, 2016

Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Mario Cordero was honored today by the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers with its highest recognition, the “Malcolm McLean Award,” during a luncheon ceremony held in Monroe Township, New Jersey.

The Bi-State Motor Carriers is comprised of independent truck owners and operators serving the Port of New York and New Jersey. Each year the association recognizes, with the Malcom McLean Award, the individual whose work over the preceding 12 months has advanced the intermodal container industry.

In presenting the award, Bi-State Motor Carriers President Jeff Bader cited Chairman Cordero’s commitment to increasing communication throughout the international trade and transportation industries as being particularly beneficial in creating an atmosphere where issues can be addressed and resolved.

“Since taking over the role of Chairman at the Federal Maritime Commission in April of 2013, Mario Cordero has provided strong, inclusive leadership,” said Bader. “He has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to increasing communication and seeking the open exchange of ideas from all stakeholders in our industry.”

Chairman Cordero said he was particularly humbled to be the 2016 Malcom McLean Award winner, saying that the recognition was all the more meaningful as this is the 60th anniversary of containerized shipping.

“Malcom McLean helped to create a system that has benefitted each and every one of us. It is an honor to be associated with him via this award,” noted Chairman Cordero. “The greatest way we as an industry can honor the legacy of Mr. McLean is by working together to assure our international, intermodal transportation links remain models of efficiency to best serve the American shipping public.”

During his remarks, Chairman Cordero called on ports and marine terminals throughout the Nation to work toward “state of the art” gate operations that will increase efficiencies and productivity and will also mitigate truck queue times.

New Jersey Assemblymen James Holley (Legislative District 20) presented a Joint Legislative Resolution, issued by the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly, to Chairman Cordero recognizing him on the distinction of being the 2016 Malcom McLean Award winner.

NJ Assemblyman Jamel Holley (R) presents Chairman Mario Cordero (L) with a Joint Legislative Resolution congratulating him on being the 2016 Malcom McLean Award winner


Jeff Bader (L) President of the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers and Chairman Mario Cordero (R)