Copenhagen Event is Forum for Addressing Issues & Future of Container Shipping - Federal Maritime Commission
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Copenhagen Event is Forum for Addressing Issues & Future of Container Shipping

October 28, 2016

More than 200 key global leaders from the shipping industry and government agencies regulating that business assembled in Copenhagen this week for the third Danish Maritime Forum where key trends, issues, and problems confronting the sector were discussed.

Attending the Forum for the first time was Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Mario Cordero.

“I am pleased to have been able to participate in this year’s Forum and to have the opportunity to engage with so many business and thought leaders in the shipping sector,” said Cordero. “This was a very useful event in terms of not only hearing from many of our constituents, but in educating audiences about what the Federal Maritime Commission does.”

Topics addressed at the Forum were broadly related to exploring the theme of “The New Normal: what will the future of the global maritime industry look like when the fundamentals are changing.” To delve deeper into this overarching question, five key issues were examined via “think tanks”, those topics were: “What’s next for the global economy”; “Shifting trade patterns”; “Disruptive technologies”; “Transformative change”; and, “New demands”.

“The global shipping industry is challenged in many ways and has been for several consecutive years now. Given broader economic and political trends, the carriers’ ability to generate profits is very possibly only going to become more problematic,” stated Cordero. “The Forum provided a very productive platform for considering what influences are going to be additional stresses to these companies and as well as what can be done to address these matters.”


Flemming Jacobs (left) Secretary General of Danish Maritime Days with FMC Chairman Mario Cordero