Commissioner Maffei’s statement on the Ocean Alliance vote - Federal Maritime Commission
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Commissioner Maffei’s statement on the Ocean Alliance vote

October 28, 2016

Commissioner Daniel B. Maffei released the following statement regarding the Federal Maritime Commission’s (FMC) vote to approve the OCEAN Alliance, Agreement No. 012426, becoming effective without FMC challenge.

“I voted to support this agreement moving forward because I believe it provides members of this alliance with important new business capabilities while minimizing negative consequences. I note that the Commission will continue to monitor the OCEAN Alliance closely and I encourage the open communications among all interested parties.

“This agreement is part of a continued trend of ocean carriers seeking to establish new ways of cooperating within alliances to increase efficiencies that can lead to cost savings. I support such efforts but, to the extent it is consistent with the Shipping Act, I also want to ensure that these agreements represent the right balance of considerations so that they do not harm American consumers, ports or other businesses in the industry. I believe this agreement does this and is the appropriate way to move forward. “