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Commissioner Lidinsky Seconds Commissioner Doyle’s Call for Carriers to Work with Shippers to Find a Solution on Container Weight Responsibilities

April 15, 2016

Commissioner Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr. lent his support today to the statements made by Commissioner William P. Doyle at the Global Liner Shipping conference held yesterday in London, on the eve of congressional hearings on the SOLAS treaty requirement that container weights be certified.

“There has been a communications lapse between carriers and shippers,” Commissioner Doyle stated. “At the International Maritime Organization level, if someone is going to be regulated they need to be at the table when decisions are made. Shippers have not been brought along the whole way.”

In seconding Commissioner Doyle’s statement, Commissioner Lidinsky said, “Commissioner Doyle’s statement recognizes the primary responsibility of the Federal Maritime Commission, which is to ensure an efficient international waterborne commerce system for the benefit of U.S. exports, importers, and above all, U.S. citizens.”

Commissioner Lidinsky went on to say, “In recent years we have seen a certain alliance attempting to place itself above governments around the world. Now we are witnessing a foreign carrier lobby group attempting to hijack the agenda of an UN agency whose purpose is to ensure the safety of those in the global maritime industry.”

The Federal Maritime Commission held a forum on February 18, 2016, that enabled key parties involved in this new procedure to clarify with the U.S. Coast Guard the specifics of the new rule.

Commissioner Lidinsky concluded his remarks by commending Commissioner Doyle for putting his, “extensive experience as a ship engineer and knowledge of vessel operations not only into service for the FMC, but for the entire Country.”

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Commissioner Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr. Disclosure:
I am a Commissioner with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission. The Federal Maritime Commission is an independent regulatory agency responsible for regulating the nation’s international ocean transportation for the benefit of exporters, importers, and the American consumer. The FMC’s mission is to foster a fair, efficient, and reliable international ocean transportation system while protecting the public from unfair and deceptive practices. With that said, I should emphasize that my thoughts and comments here are mine and mine alone – they do not reflect the position of the Commission, and they should not be construed to represent the positions of any of my fellow Commissioners.