Commissioner Dye Participates on Panel at AAPA Annual Convention in Long Beach - Federal Maritime Commission
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Commissioner Dye Participates on Panel at AAPA Annual Convention in Long Beach


In remarks made to American Association of Port Authorities members at the group’s annual meeting, Commissioner Dye talked about the work of the FMC’s supply chain teams initiative that she is leading. She emphasized the complexity of the supply chain “ecosystem” and the need to develop commercial solutions to supply chain challenges. The Commission’s supply chain teams, she noted, were focusing on the use of information technology to provide critical, timely and actionable information to each supply chain actor.

The Commissioner also mentioned the FMC’s reassessment of its rules and regulations by an agency task force. “I believe the FMC has plenty of authority to accomplish our mission,” Commissioner Dye said. “Our focus today should be on removing unnecessary government compliance costs from our international supply chain.” That review, she stressed, would involve a reexamination of the fundamentals of the Commission’s regulatory framework “from the ground up.”

Commissioner Dye indicated that the regulatory review likely would include the question of whether FMC’s tariff publication requirement – and its enforcement efforts – was a regulation that had outlived its usefulness. Also on the review list: Do any benefits accrue from the legal requirement – unique in the US – to file service contracts and similar instruments with the Commission?

She encouraged all organizations and businesses affected by the Commission’s work to get involved with the new regulatory reform initiative.

Commissioner Rebecca F. Dye is a Commissioner with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission. The thoughts and comments expressed here are her own and do not necessarily represent the position of the Commission.