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Chairman’s Luncheon Address at the Marine Log’s Global Greenship Conference

September 24, 2013

Chairman Cordero spoke on the efforts of the international maritime transportation industry to operate greener, and the need for a national freight policy when he addressed participants at the 2013 Marine Log’s Global Greenship Conference on September 24, 2013. The conference gathered vessel operators, ship and engine builders, industry experts, and regulators to share and explore ideas, solutions, and best industry practices.

The Chairman acknowledged the concern of many in the industry regarding the cost effectiveness and feasibility of compliance with environmental regulation, then posited to the group that corporate social responsibility and sustainability are paramount considerations for the shipping industry. Chairman Cordero discussed the evolution of the industry’s efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions and pointed to various aspects of the Port of Long Beach’s Green Port Policy as examples to show that meeting environmental standards is a process without quick or easy answers, and one that requires the efforts, resources and dedication of many groups working together to achieve success.

The Chairman shared with the group current FMC activities and how the FMC actively looks for ways to work with the transportation industry to further the flow of commerce. One such example is the FMC’s Maritime Environmental Committee which serves as a clearing house for ports, terminal operators, and other industry participants – providing a forum for sharing information and supporting discussions on environmentally sustainable practices including developing maritime related technology. The Chairman spoke on the country’s need for a national freight policy and highlighted the FMC’s Study of U.S. Inland Containerized Cargo Moving Through Canadian and Mexican Seaports released last year. Chairman Cordero concluded with the words of Henry Ford: “Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”