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Chairman Cordero Welcomes Commissioner Lidinsky’s Update on Containerized Cargo moving through U.S. Ports

July 21, 2014

The twofold mission of the Federal Maritime Commission is to foster a fair, efficient, and reliable international ocean transportation system and to protect the shipping public from unfair and deceptive practices. The aforementioned mission compliments our vision to strive for fairness and efficiency in our nation’s maritime commerce.

Commissioner Lidinsky recently issued his second annual update of the FMC’s 2012 Study of U.S. Containerized Cargo Moving through Canadian and Mexican Seaports. First, I wish to thank the Commissioner for his update. Second, the report exemplifies the continual role of the FMC in carrying out both our mission and vision.

The maritime industry is a vital component of our nation’s economic well-being, and, of course, key to a vibrant international trade environment. On this note, I suggest that international trade begins at our nation’s ports. Hence, recognizing and advocating for the needs of our maritime community, including port infrastructure and funding for same, is a centerpiece for the FMC. President Obama recognized the paramount role of ports and required infrastructure at the time the Administration moved forward with their FY 2013 Budget plan. In June of this year the President signed H.R. 3080, the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 (WRRDA), which as noted in the above referenced FMC study, addresses concerns of our major ports relating to the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund.

The FMC aims to work with our maritime partners in addressing both challenges and opportunities in the maritime industry. In addition, the FMC seeks to serve as a resource to Congress with regard to issues vital to the industry and protecting the integrity and security of the U.S. supply chain and maritime transportation system.

To view Commissioner Lidinsky’s study, please click the link:

2014 Update to the FMC Report U.S. Inland Containerized Cargo Moving through Canadian and Mexican Seaports (2012) [Report PDF Updated 7/24/2014]