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Chairman Cordero Addressed the International Propeller Club

October 4, 2013

International Propeller Club of the United States 87th Annual Convention and Maritime Industry Conference
Navigating Maritime Policy in the 21st Century
October 4, 2013

Chairman Cordero spoke at the International Propeller Club’s 87th Annual Convention and Maritime Industry Conference on October 4, 2013. The Propeller Club is an international business network dedicated to the promotion of the maritime industry, commerce, and global trade.

In his remarks, the Chairman highlighted areas the Commission has focused on during the past year including its cooperation with other agencies to enhance its mission to protect the shipping public, promote sustainable environmental practices, and reduce regulatory burden.

Chairman Cordero noted that the FMC is working on upgrading its information technology systems including its enterprise platform system that supports internal systems and databases as well as several of its public-facing webpages like the carrier agreement library and the list of FMC-licensed and bonded intermediaries. These ongoing upgrades will improve the Commission’s ability to quickly deliver information to the public, develop more user friendly web-based services for the public, and provide staff with timely and comprehensive access to data needed to address practices of ocean transportation intermediaries and vessel operators that abuse or defraud the shipping public. The FMC also has focused on its continued cooperation with other agencies. Chairman Cordero was pleased to announce that in July, the FMC and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) renewed their partnership by signing an updated Memorandum of Understanding to share data from CBP’s Automated Commercial Environment-International Trade Data System. This longstanding collaboration furthers mutual objectives to ensure security at our nation’s ports and compliance with the Safe Port Act, and will assist the FMC to fulfill its regulatory responsibilities under the Shipping Act.

The Chairman also highlighted the Commission’s mission to protect the shipping public. Earlier this year, the Commission focused on protecting cruise passengers who sail from U.S. ports by increasing the maximum coverage requirement for larger cruise lines. The Chairman also spoke on the FMC’s attention to environmental concerns and the role it plays in the agreements and shipping practices that the FMC regulates. The FMC is dedicated to being a helpful partner to ports and ocean common carriers as they modernize their business practices, equipment, and facilities to increase efficiency and grow in a sustainable manner.

Chairman Cordero also spoke on the Commission’s effort to reduce the regulatory burden on the industry through its most recent Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that seeks to update its Ocean Transportation Intermediary Regulations. The Chairman highlighted how, through clarification and recognition of changing industry conditions, many of the proposed changes will make the Commission’s regulatory process more efficient while also maintaining a credible licensing and renewal program. The Commission also will be reviewing its rules related to service contracts during the next year. The Chairman closed by emphasizing the FMC’s commitment to supporting the maritime transportation industry as it continues to work towards ensuring a fair, efficient, and reliable transportation system.