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Automated SERVCON Filing Using Web Services

July 8, 2014
NR 14-10

The FMC has developed a time and cost saving Web Services filing option that allows vessel-operating common carriers (VOCCs) and non-vessel-operating common carriers (NVOCCs) to incorporate the filing of service contracts and amendments or NVOCC Service Arrangements (NSAs) into their contract management systems (CMS). This filing option automates the SERVCON filing process. By “pushing” the unique data already entered in the filer’s CMS directly to the SERVCON system, it eliminates the time and expense involved in manually logging into SERVCON to file contracts or NSAs. It also reduces typographical errors and other keying errors when compared to manual filing.

Benefits of implementing the Web Services filing option:

  • Improved Filing Accuracy
  • Faster Filing
  • Decreased Costs

Improved Filing Accuracy

Typographical errors can result in delayed implementation of service contracts and NSAs, as well as additional administrative costs to correct these errors. Keying errors can also trigger a Bureau of Enforcement review of a service contract or NSA that may result in additional costs to resolve. By using the data already entered into a carrier’s CMS, the Web Services filing option eliminates the potential for keying errors generated by manual entry of the contract data into SERVCON.

Faster Filing

Incorporating the Web Services filing option into a carrier’s or third-party filer’s existing CMS will automate the SERVCON filing process. This will eliminate resources used to manually log into and enter data into the SERCON system when filing contracts or NSAs, thereby speeding up the process of filing contracts and NSAS with the FMC.

Decreased Cost

Eliminating the need for duplicative manual data entry will reduce the time needed to file service contracts and NSAs. This will result in reduced labor costs for VOCCs and NVOCCs filing through SERVCON.

The FMC invites all VOCCs, NVOCCs, and third-party contract and NSA filers to consider using this cost effective Web Services filing option. VOCCs and NVOCCs interested in learning how to use this less burdensome, less expensive, and more accurate SERVCON filing option may review a description of the technical guidelines for testing and implementation, and may contact Andrew Gaidurgis, Office of Information Technology, 202-523-5798 for more information.