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4th Annual PortTech Expo Los Angeles Global Technology Solutions for Ports and Beyond

September 11, 2013

Chairman Cordero spoke at the 4th Annual PortTechExpo Los Angeles on September 11, 2013 — an event that gathers entrepreneurs and inventors of greener fuels, technologies, and alternate energy sources used at ports and in the maritime industry. PortTechLA is a collaboration of the San Pedro and Wilmington Chambers of Commerce along with both the Port and the City of Los Angeles.

The Chairman introduced the audience to the work of the FMC and its Maritime Environmental Committee, noting how the Committee serves as a clearinghouse for ports, terminal operators, and other industry participants — providing a forum for sharing information and discussions on environmentally sustainable practices including developing maritime related technology. He spoke on the various initiatives the industry has already implemented to reduce air pollution such as slow steaming, shore power, low sulfur fuel, and, increasingly, use of Liquid Natural Gas.

While applauding these successes, the Chairman further encouraged the participants to not just mitigate harmful emissions, but to eliminate them. He observed that ports and port users need new innovative solutions to meet the environmental goals and requirements of their operations. After kicking off the event, Chairman Cordero met with participants to exchange ideas about how to make maritime port operations greener and more secure.