JUNE 2020 ACTIVITY REPORT - Federal Maritime Commission
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Fact Finding 30 Phase One Report Identifies Proposal That Would Help U.S. Cruise Companies

An Initial Report issued today by Commissioner Louis Sola identifies a regulatory step that addresses a critical COVID-19 fiscal impact experienced by the cruise industry generally, but most significantly by small passenger vessel operators that are largely U.S.-based businesses that almost exclusively sail U.S. flagged vessels.

Commission Advisory for Cruise Passengers—June 17, 2020

The Federal Maritime Commission is aware passenger cruise lines have canceled or postponed numerous voyages and that some cruise lines ending their 2020 season on a voluntary basis. This advisory seeks to provide information to affected consumers and those individuals who have bookings for future cruise voyages.

Commissioner Dye Announces Findings of San Pedro Bay Discussion

Commissioner Rebecca Dye has identified approaches to address the four critical operational challenges at the San Pedro Bay ports identified by Innovation Teams. The Teams also suggested one action the Commission could take to facilitate discussion.

Rule Easing Burden on Service Contract Parties Now in Effect

Ocean carriers, effective Thursday, June 25, 2020, are no longer required to publish a concise statement of essential terms for individual service contracts.

Commission Approves Rule Easing Burden on Service Contract Parties

A final rule adopted by the Federal Maritime Commission today eases certain publication requirements for ocean carriers, providing some of the regulatory relief industry sought via a petition filed at the agency in 2018.

Fact Finding 30 Innovation Teams Examining Financial Responsibility Requirements

Innovation Teams established as part of Fact Finding 30 are examining the sufficiency of agency administered financial responsibility requirements to protect consumers purchasing cruise tickets and passengers on cruise vessels in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statement of Commissioner Louis E. Sola concerning the posting of the Lake Carriers’ Association Petition and subsequent Section 19 Investigation in the Federal Register

Statement of Commissioner Carl Bentzel on the FMC’s Notice of Investigation and Request for Comments Investigation into Conditions Created by Canadian Ballast Water Regulations in the U.S./Canada Great Lakes Trade, Docket No. 20-10; Petition No. P1-20 from the Lake Carriers’ Association (LCA)

May 2020 Activity Report


Final Rule, Service Contracts (Docket No. 20-02), June 25, 2020.

Order Affirming Denial of Attorney Fee Petition, Logfret, Inc. v. Kirsha, B.V., Leendert Johanness Bergwerff A/K/A Hans Bergwerff, and Linda Sieval   (Docket No. 18-10), June 22, 2020.

Investigation, Conditions Created by Canadian Ballast Water Regulations in the U.S./Canada Great Lakes Trade(Docket No. 20-10; Petition No. P1-20), June 22, 2020.


Agreements Filed

Grimaldi/”K” Line Space Charter Agreement (Agreement No. 012206-004)

THE Alliance Agreement (Agreement No. 012439-006)

Lease & Operating Agreement Between Philadelphia Regional Port Authority & Penn City Investments, Inc. (Agreement No. 201062-004)

Memorandum Agreement of December 14, 1983 Concerning Assessments to Pay ILWU-PMA Employee Benefit Costs (Agreement No. 201103-015)

CMA CGM/Marfret Mediterranean-Caribbean/U.S. Gulf Vessel Sharing Agreement (Agreement No. 201305-001)

Hyundai Glovis/Kawasaki Kaisha Ltd. Europe/United States Space Charter Agreement (Agreement No. 201340-001)


OTI Licensing Activity

Applications 54

Revocations & Surrenders 21

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