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January 2020 Activity Report



Final Rules to be Published Implementing Shipping Act Amendments and Revising Procedures

The Federal Maritime Commission voted to publish two final rules and received in closed session a briefing on developments in the U.S. liner trades.

Commission Meeting Scheduled for January 15, 2020

Sunshine Act Notice of Public Meeting

Senior Staff Transitions at FMC

Commission announced appointment of two individuals to serve as Acting Director, Bureau of Certification & Licensing and Acting General Counsel.

December 2019 Activity Report


Final Rule Issued—Inflation Adjustment of Civil Monetary Penalties (Docket No. 20-01).

Final Rule Issued—Hearing Procedures Governing the Denial, Revocation, or Suspension of an Ocean Transportation Intermediary License (Docket No. 19-04)


Agreements Filed

Ocean Carrier Equipment Manage Association (Agreement No. 011284-080)

South Atlantic Chassis Pool Agreement (Agreement No. 011980-003)

Southern Africa Agreement (Agreement No. 012128-005)

ML/MSC Space Charter Agreement (Agreement No. 012136-004)

HLAG/Maersk USWC-Mediterranean Vessel Sharing Agreement (Agreement No. 0121466-003)

Maersk/MSC Vessel Sharing Agreement (Agreement No. 012293-007)

Maersk/APL Slot Exchange Agreement (Agreement No. 012307-004)

Hyundai Glovis/Sallaum Cooperative Working Agreement (Agreement No. 012443-002)

Maersk/HLAG Slot Charter Agreement (Agreement No. 012146-003)

Maersk/MSC Turkey Space Charter Agreement (Agreement No. 201264-001)

Hyundai Glovis/Sallaum Mediterranean Space Charter Agreement (Agreement No. 201284-001)

Maersk/Matson Space Charter Agreement (Agreement No. 201322-001)

PDL/PFLG Slot Charter Agreement (Agreement No. 201329)

CMA CGM/COSCO Shipping Vessel Sharing Agreement Brazil-Caribbean/U.S. Gulf (Agreement No. 201330)

NMCC/WLS/Grimaldi U.S.-Mexico Space Charter Agreement (Agreement No. 201331)


OTI Licensing Activity

Applications 63

Revocations & Surrenders 21

Reissuances 0

Please see the OTI License Status Changes webpage for additional information.