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French America Line Prohibited from Offering, Advertising, or Conducting Passenger Cruises


French America Line, a domestic passenger vessel operator (PVO), is prohibited from offering, advertising, or conducting cruises following revocation today of its Certificate of Financial Responsibility for Indemnification of Passengers for Nonperformance of Transportation (Certificate (Performance)) by the Federal Maritime Commission.

In April 2019, the Commission’s Bureau of Certification and Licensing notified Great Northern & Southern Navigation Co., LLC, which does business as French America Line (FAL), that it intended to revoke the company’s Certificate (Performance).   Companies must maintain a Certificate (Performance) to offer passenger services.  The causes cited for revocation in the notification were: failing to respond to lawful inquiries and requests for information; providing willfully false information in connection with an application for a Certificate (Performance); and failing to maintain qualification as financially responsible in accordance with the requirements of 46 C.F.R. Part 540.

In response to the notification, French America Line/FAL requested a hearing and on October 31, 2019 the Commission granted the request, directing the company to show cause why its Certificate (Performance) should not be revoked for the above cited violations (Docket No. 19-08).

After examining all submitted materials, on March 20, 2020, the Commission found that Great Northern & Southern Navigation Co., LLC, doing business as French America Line, failed to respond to lawful inquiries and requests for information and that the company’s repeated failures to adhere to the requirements of its escrow agreement demonstrated it was not financially responsible. As a consequence, the Commission revoked French America Line’s Certificate (Performance).