FEBRUARY 2020 ACTIVITY REPORT - Federal Maritime Commission
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Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Justification

Commissioner Carl Bentzel on the South Atlantic Chassis Pool Agreement

Commissioner’s statement explaining his vote to allow the amendment of South Atlantic Chassis Pool Agreement to add the Ports of Jacksonville and Wilmington.

Commissioners Bentzel and Maffei Travel to Houston, Texas

Summary of trip taken to Houston by Commissioners Maffei and Bentzel to present at the National Association of Waterfront Employers Annual meeting and to hold meetings with local industry stakeholders.

Commissioner Daniel Maffei Speaks at NY/NJFFF&BA Annual Dinner

Commissioner Maffei was honored to attend the New York and New Jersey Foreign Freight Forwarders and Brokers Association Annual Dinner

Remarks by Commissioner Louis Sola at National Industrial Transportation League 2020 Transportation Summit

Commissioner Sola discussed issues related to international trade, regulatory reform undertakings of the FMC, and the status of a proposed Interpretive Rule addressing detention & demurrage.

January 2020 Activity Report


Final Rule—Regulatory Amendments Implementing the Frank LoBiondo Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2018

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking—Amending Rules Governing Service Contracts


Agreements Filed

Central America Discussion Agreement (Agreement No. 011075-080)

Gulf/South America Discussion Agreement (Agreement No. 011707-018)

U.S. Pacific Coast-Oceania Agreement (Agreement No. 011741-024)

ML/MSC Oceania Space Charter Agreement (Agreement No. 012139-003)

ECUS/ECSA Slot Exchange Agreement (Agreement No. 012448-002)

Maersk/MSC/Zim Cooperative Working Agreement (Agreement No. 201263-002)

Maersk/MSCZIM USPNW Cooperative Working Agreement (Agreement No. 201290-001)

Puerto Nuevo Terminals LLC Cooperative Working (Agreement No. 201292-001)

Maersk/MSC/SML Cooperative Agreement (Agreement No. 201332)

North Carolina-Virginia Port Terminal Cooperative Working Agreement (Agreement No. 201333)


OTI Licensing Activity

Applications 68

Revocations & Surrenders 30

Please see the OTI License Status Changes webpage for additional information.