DECEMBER 2020 ACTIVITY REPORT - Federal Maritime Commission
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FMC Receives Briefings at December Meeting

The Federal Maritime Commission held a meeting where it received an update on Fact Finding 29, a briefing from staff on the General Prohibitions in the Shipping Act, and from the Inspector General on his activities.

Fact Finding 29: Advice to the Trade

Commissioner Dye released Advice to the Trade to contact the Bureau of Enforcement with allegations of ocean carriers and marine terminal operators employing practices or regulations in violation of 46 USC 41102(c).

Latest Fact Finding 30 Report Examines Impacts to Cruise Industry in Gulf Coast Ports

Commissioner Sola released an Interim Report that examines the Economic Impact of COVID-19 pm the Cruise Industry in the Gulf Coast region.

FMC Chairman Addresses Export Container Availability

In remarks to the Global Maritime Conference, Chairman Khouri addressed reports that ocean carriers are not supplying containers to U.S. agricultural exporters at inland locations.

FMC User Fees Scheduled to Be Revised in January

The Commission gave notice it is updating the fees it charges for services, effective January 27, 2021 barring further action or significant adverse comments.

Commission Meeting Scheduled for December 9, 2020

The Commission issued a Sunshine Act Meeting Notice announcing a non-public meeting of the Agency.

Commissioners Bentzel & Maffei Urge Ocean Carriers to Carry U.S. Exports

Commissioners Bentzel and Maffei sent a letter to the World Shipping Council expressing concern about reports that ocean carriers are refusing the carriage of U.S. exports.

Commissioners Bentzel & Maffei Urge MARAD & CDC to Prioritize Maritime Workforce

Commissioners Bentzel and Maffei sent a letter to the MARAD Administrator and CDC Director urging that the maritime workforce be given priority for rapid testing, being vaccinated, and receiving personal protective equipment.

Statement by Commissioner Bentzel on the Foundation Carrier Agreement

Commissioner Bentzel released a statement explaining his vote on the Foundation Carrier Agreement.

Chairman Khouri’s Remarks to the Global Maritime Conference

Text of remarks of Chairman Khouri as delivered to the Global Maritime Conference.

Commissioner Maffei’s Remarks to the Agricultural Trade Coalition

Text of remarks of Commissioner Maffei as delivered at the Agricultural Trade Coalition’s Major Midyear Meeting.

November 2020 Activity Report


Interim Report—“Economic Impact of COVID-19 on the Cruise Industry on the Gulf Coast” (Fact Finding No. 30)


Agreements Filed

ABC Discussion Agreement (Agreement No. 011550-020)

Consolidated Chassis Management Pool Agreement (Agreement No. 0119962-018)

The Global Shipping Business Network Agreement (Agreement No. 201344-001)

World Shipping Council Agreement (Agreement No. (201349-001)

Marine Terminal Services Agreement Port of Houston Authority and Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd.(Agreement No. 201352)


OTI Licensing Activity

Applications 32

Revocations & Surrenders 22

Please see the OTI License Status Changes webpage for additional information.