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Commissioner Maffei Visits Port Newark Container Terminal


On February 24th, Commissioner Daniel B. Maffei visited the Port of New York and New Jersey for a meeting with Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) staff and a tour of the Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT).

Commissioner Maffei met with executives from the PANYNJ for Port Newark Container Terminal and toured PNCT to see how the facility is responding to congestion issues that are plaguing the industry and issues specific to the New York/New Jersey area, such as recent snowstorms that have affected the port.

Commissioner Maffei was pleased to hear how well stakeholders – including ILA and its workers, truckers, and the marine terminal operators – are working together at the port and encourages each group to continue to communicate openly. Seeing how different terminals are approaching the congestion problems provides insight as to how the industry can emerge from this crisis with ideas for how to prevent future ones, so he appreciates the time and efforts of staff at PANYNJ, PNCT, and the New York Shipping Association (NYSA) in planning this visit.

Daniel B. Maffei is a Commissioner with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission. The thoughts and comments expressed here are his own and do not necessarily represent the position of the Commission.