Statement of Commissioner Carl Bentzel on Coalition for Reimagined Mobility Report: Solving the Global Supply Chain Crisis with Data Sharing  - Federal Maritime Commission
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Statement of Commissioner Carl Bentzel on Coalition for Reimagined Mobility Report: Solving the Global Supply Chain Crisis with Data Sharing 


“I was recently briefed by executives of the Coalition for Reimagined Mobility about a report issued earlier this summer entitled ‘Solving the Global Supply Chain Crisis with Data Sharing‘. The findings they shared with me represent encouraging paths for action to address emissions related to ocean shipping,” said Commissioner Bentzel.

The Coalition for Reimagined Mobility’s report, Solving the Global Supply Chain Crisis with Data Sharing, comprehensively examines why we need digitalization across the supply chain and proposes a freight industry data standard that streamlines how industry communicates and shares data to make cargo movement more efficiently.

The reported analysis shows data standards will reduce the cost of shipping goods on average by 6% annually by 2050, and that sharing standardized data will reduce carbon emissions by 22% as well. Increased fuel efficiency, less congestion, and fewer idling ships and trucks will vastly improve air quality for U.S. port communities by cutting toxic air pollutants like nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide by nearly 40%. The Coalition’s recommendations are innovative, bold, and if adopted, promise to be truly impactful.

“This is an important report,” said Bentzel. “It highlights the maritime and affiliated intermodal shipping industry and considers the environmental impacts of ocean shipping and how enhancing the system of data that is the underpinning of the movement of cargo through our nation’s ports and terminals. The maritime industry is not always included in conversations about data and the value of enhancing data communications amongst stakeholders, so this report is long overdue. I encourage my colleagues and industry leaders to read this report—and to consider the environmental impacts as well as the efficiency gained as we continue to develop the Maritime Transportation Data Initiative (MTDI) recommendations.”

Specifically, the Coalition recommends:

  • Requiring the use of freight data standards as a condition for accessing ports.
  • Deploying freight data exchange standards that communicate near real-time operational data.
  • Leveraging the authority of national governments and ports to require the use of freight data exchange standards.
  • Allocating seed funding to ports and industry stakeholders to deploy data exchange standard pilots and projects.
  • Initiating and funding targeted intermodal exchange and smart steaming programs to realize near-term emissions reduction benefits.

“This report makes a strong and well-researched case for the urgent need for the Maritime Transportation Data Initiative. I look forward to partnering with the Coalition for Reimagined Mobility as we work together to make these recommendations a reality.” Commissioner Bentzel continued “In my meetings with maritime industry leaders and stakeholders as part of the Maritime Transportation Data Initiative, all agree that the freight industry needs reliable, actionable operational shipping information to better coordinate and reduce costly and unsustainable inefficiencies”

Carl W. Bentzel is a Commissioner with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission. The thoughts and comments expressed here are his own and do not necessarily represent the position of the Commission.