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How To Publish Tariffs and MTO Schedules

Publication of VOCC Tariffs

When publishing VOCC Tariffs:

Publication of OTI Tariffs

All NVOCCs operating in the U.S. trades are required to publish and keep open for public inspection in automated tariff systems, tariffs showing all rates, charges, classifications, rules, and practices between all points or ports on their service routes.

Tariffs must be published:

  • After a license has been approved, and prior to issuance of the license and commencement of services, a NVOCC must provide the Commission its organization name, home office address, name and telephone number of firm’s representative, the location of its tariff(s), and the publisher used to maintain its tariff(s), and submit this information using Form FMC-1. Once the Form FMC-1 is reviewed, an organization number will be assigned
  • If there is any change to the information on Form FMC-1, it must be immediately submitted to the Commission
  • A non-U.S.-based NVOCC must list in its tariff an agent for service of process in the United States
  • The Commission publishes a list of all OTI tariffs online.

Publication of MTO Schedules

When publishing a MTO Schedule (formally called MTO Tariffs):

  • A MTO may make available a schedule of its rates, regulations, and practices to the public at its discretion
  • A MTO conference, an agreement under which two or more MTOs discuss and agree on rates, charges, and conditions of service, must publish its Schedule
  • Whether a MTO decides to make its Schedules available to the public, a complete and current set of schedules of rates, regulations, and practices must be maintained for five years, and available to the Commission upon request
  • The MTO must notify the Commission prior to commencement of operations using Form FMC-1, and once reviewed, it will be assigned an organization number
  • Any change to the above information must be immediately updated using Form FMC-1
  • The Commission publishes a list of MTO schedules available to the public

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