APRIL 2020 ACTIVITY REPORT - Federal Maritime Commission
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Commissioner Sola to Lead Fact Finding Focusing on Cruise Line Issues

The Federal Maritime Commission designated Commissioner Sola to serve as the Fact Finding Officer for Fact Finding 30, “COVID-19 Impact on Cruise Industry” in an order issued today.

Commission Issues New Guidance on Detention & Demurrage

The Federal Maritime Commission has issued new guidance about how it will assess the reasonableness of detention and demurrage regulations and practices of ocean carriers and marine terminal operators under 46 U.S.C. 41102(c).

Commission Provides Temporary Relief from Certain Service Contract Filing Requirements

As a measure to relieve COVID-19 impacts to the supply chain, the Federal Maritime Commission voted to temporarily allow parties to file service contracts up to 30 days after they take effect.

The relief will last through December 31, 2020.

Fact Finding 29 Supply Chain Innovation Team to Begin Work

Supply Chain Innovation Teams convened by Commissioner Rebecca Dye as part of Fact Finding 29  (International Ocean Transportation Supply Chain Engagement) began work identifying actions that can provide immediate relief to the most pressing challenges the American freight delivery system faces from COVID-19 related disruptions.

Statement of Chairman Michael A. Khouri on Detention and Demurrage Rule

Statement of Commissioner Daniel B. Maffei on Detention and Demurrage Interpretive Rule

Statement of Commissioner Louis E. Sola to Accompany Vote on Notation No. 20-20, Interpretive Rule on Detention and Demurrage

Statement of Commissioner Carl W. Bentzel to Accompany Vote on Notation No. 20-20, Interpretive Rule on Detention and Demurrage

March 2020 Activity Report


Final RuleProcedures for Exemption from Service Contract regulatory Requirements (Docket No. 20-05)

Order Granting ExemptionTemporary Exemption from Certain Service Contract Requirements (Docket No. 20-06)


Agreements Filed or Amended

OTI Licensing Activity

Applications 35

Revocations & Surrenders 18

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